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Call Center Solutions

TROZLAN' s Entry Level Business Call Center

Ring Strategies

What Is A Call Center?

The TROZLAN Business Call Center is an integrated UCaaS solution designed to handle a large volume of incoming phone calls. Call centers typically handle customer service, support, telemarketing, reservations and collections functions. The employees who staff call centers are referred to as "agents" and incoming callers are routed through "queues". The TROZLAN Business Call Center solution is our low-cost entry level system and recommended for queues with a maximum of 5 simultaneous agents. 

Incoming calls are first routed to the Automatic Call Distributor (ACD). The ACD oversees the process of placing incoming calls into the proper queue, assigning actions to those calls based on various factors (the order of their arrival, ring strategy, periodic announcements), and ultimately dispatching those calls to an available agent when they become available. Common queue strategies include round robin, least-recently-called, fewest calls and random. While waiting in queue, callers generally hear a combination of custom messages and music.

Call Center Functionality


Agents are employees of your company who have an identification number to login to their assigned queues to accept queued calls.

Visual Status Indicators

The Call Center has the option to display the agent's queue status on the LCD screen of certain Polycom IP desk phones. If this option is enabled for a given phone, then the phone will display a screen showing the agent ID of the agent who is logged in at the phone, the agent's current status ("Logged In" or "Paused"), and the list of queues that the agent is currently logged into. If no agent is logged into a queue at that phone. the screen displays "No agent logged in".

Reason Codes

When an Agent needs to stop receiving calls from the queue(s) but does not want to log out of the queue(s), they can pause themselves. They will stop receiving queue calls until they un-pause but will still be reported as logged into the queue(s). In addition, the agent can provide a "Reason Code" to indicate the reason that they are currently paused. This reason code is logged with their pause event and reported on the Realtime Console.

Tally Codes

When an Agent receives a call from the queue(s) and needs to assign that call a specific category for billing or other purposes, the agent can provide a "Tally Code" to indicate the nature of the call. This Tally Code is logged in the Queue Call Activity Report.

Queue Reports

The Call enter has 7 reports available: 

Real-time Console - a real-time view of all queues showing calls waiting, hold time, and agents' status.
Queue Performance - A historic metrics report searchable by date, showing metrics by queue.
Agent Performance - A historic metrics report searchable by date, showing metrics by agent.
Agent Events - A historic metrics report searchable by date and by agent, showing agent activity by session. 
Queue Call Activity - A call log report showing calls by date, by queue, and by agent. 
Answer/Abandon Report - Historic metrics report searchable by date, by queue, or by agent, showing metrics of answered or abandoned calls.
Queue Summary by Number - A historic metrics report, searchable by date, by phone number, and by queue, showing metrics of calls inbound to specified phone numbers and queues. 


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